Taking the virginity

So anyway this is the first of hopefully many entries.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the notion of balance. We can see it in so many parts of our lives. Possibly, more importantly, you can certainly feel its absence.

I enjoy noticing it in the small things in life. Within the dish I chose for lunch, it was balanced with regards to flavour, texture and visual appearance (oops the artist in me never strays far). When I was rearranging my shelves the other day (and oh what shelves they are) I did quite deliberately pay attention to trying to visually balance the paraphernalia. I also placed the photo of my papa in front of the some of the dictionaries I inherited from him. In the next section I sited the photograph of my nana. 

Of course, this simple idea can be drawn further to address the greater aspect of life as a whole.Balance of the active and more contemplative sides of life. Between the things we want to do and the things we need to do.

I’d like to leave you with a little thought….picture if you will a club sandwich – one of my favourite things to order out as I can’t be bothered making this for myself at home as it has so many parts. A good example of balance  – fresh tomato, crispy bacon, creamy mayo and so on. Of course, if it isn’t balanced you can always use a toothpick……

3 thoughts on “Taking the virginity

  1. The concept of balance, and its near relative equilibrium, are understood to connote a state of stasis: something balanced is stationary. When, in fact, balance is dynamic and continuous: to maintain balance is to be in constant motion, and that is very apt given how dynamic your work is. Your pieces are not stationary, and appear to be in constant motion. To maintain balance perhaps? 🙂


  2. I've often thought as I apply the paint how much I love being able to see where and how my fingers our brush have moved along the canvas. I think of it as tracing the flow of the curve, the line of the body and so on.This idea sits really nicely with the concept that you've just outlined. Thank you for pointing this out.


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