The space between expectation and performance

I see it my children’s drawings and cooking and no doubt across other fields. Is it only related to creating?

I remember after I separated from my husband one of my daughters had started to sketch. This may not seem like a big deal but for someone who had not taken such chances before – and that’s exactly what this was for her, taking chances. She was learning that it was okay to be wrong. Previously she had wanted the first line she created to be right. Very few people ever get things correct the first time – whether it’s drawing or anything else. Deluded though I may be (though clearly I don’t think this is so), I believe she had taken inspiration from my taking a big chance by leaving her father. Is that really such a big stretch? She had been modelled taking a chance and she had taken a chance.

I no longer experience this relating to my own painting. Is that because I’ve learnt not to imagine my end result but can actually enjoy the process? Possibly I’ve realized that this is enough/. It’s not vital to focus on the outcome. Perhaps this is a vital part of maturing (dare I say growing up?). Understanding that it’s as much about the process as the outcome. At this point, shall I reference that it’s not about the destination but the journey….

I feel fortunate to experience this.

I don’t know how this came about. I’m not sure I really care. It wasn’t a deliberate process I worked at. However, I’m glad it’s occurred. As an artist and a grown up, I believe it’s really important to learn how to make mistakes and also to understand that this is okay.

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