I’m so excited ….and I just can’t hide it! (thank you The Pointer Sisters circa 1982)

 Such things never happen to me but the other morning I awoke at 4am knowing exactly what my next series of paintings was going to be. I won’t make you hold your breath any longer. It’s going to be bunch of selfies!!!!!

Hilarious, I know!. So I’m taking them on my phone then  I will follow my usual technique and style and voila!  There will be the added edge of incorporating the seven chakras and their corresponding colours. I’m really on a roll. Photos have been taken. Canvas and new paints purchased.
Selfies are something I’ve only recently embraced as a photographic art form (cue loud guffaw!) and I have to say I’ve benefited from the advice of the more ‘smart phone savvy’ age group ….. The other evening I was watching a reality TV show which is essentially Masterchef for NYC artists. Their entry piece had to be a self portrait.

Although this is a well established subject matter for artists across the centuries, it is something in which I have never dabbled before.  Naturally this got me thinking..Hence the 4am mental wake up call!

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