Sunday afternoon life drawing

So yesterday afternoon I went to Dr Sketchy life drawing at The Toff In Town in the city. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Yes, I took the train in as it was necessary thanks to the bar and their delightful supply of shiraz (thanks Lisa). I view life drawing like going for a walk. Necessary exercise of certain muscles that can set you up for bigger and better things OR it can be an end of itself.

Once I read that drawing/sketching wasn’t actually about drawing/sketching but actually about seeing and observing.(From memory it was in relation to a group of miners from the Midlands who were having art classes thrust upon them to broaden their horizons.) Those were the muscles that were being used. I think this is most definitely correct. I probably look the same amount of time that I actually make marks – whether that’s with pencil or paint.

So if you look at it that way….actually I was busy doing exercise on a Sunday afternoon not really drinking red wine, chatting with a friend whilst drawing a semi clad burlesque dancer

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