Mandy’s personal Melbourne tours..

So today, I gave a friend new to town a tour of our fair city of Melbourne. We were very lucky to have some gorgeous spring weather grace our day. I advised him to don the walking shoes as this was to be no lightweight tour. Though luckily, we benefit from a relatively walker friendly flat city.

Starting out at Queen Victoria market late morning with a spicy bratwurst, sauerkraut and mustard we worked our way first east to Spring St and a coffee at The City Wine Shop (quickly followed by a prosecco). Onwards south towards the river and Fed Square, he fell in love with Ponyfish Island and a Melbourne Bitter longneck – who wouldn’t? From there we dissected the city via its laneways and arcades. 

So the point of this all? As I was preparing our itinerary for the day, I was forced to reflect upon what it was that I wanted to show a newcomer about my city. What is ‘my’ city? Sure, I know some historical facts that may be of interest. I can point out interesting architecture, even rattle off a fancy name or two. I can direct someone towards a great hainanese chicken dish (do not underestimate this!), a serious coffee (see previous bracketed note!) and addictive cheese stores (really? do I have to mention it again?).
Is this what makes a city? Well, kinda yes. These are part of the things that make my city just that – MY CITY!

My point – yes, I have one – is that it was really enjoyable to look at things from a new perspective, particularly something that you hold dear. I fell in love in my city all over again. I am proud to live in such a vibrant, lively and diverse place. I feel energised and inspired by the sheer energy. 

Bring it on!

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