Well it seems that gardening provides for many useful artistic metaphors.

Earlier this evening, during some very welcome mild spring weather, I grabbed the secateurs and started to prune the jasmine vine that grows along front balustrade. Being the virtual gardening virgin that I am, I was guessing at the correct manner in which to prune. The vine grew haphazardly in every which way for so many years and only recently have I attempted to guide its path (there is some correlation with my artistic path too).
I started with cutting off the dead wood to help me see what was really there to work with. After this I then cut the leading strands back or tucked them around and through the irons of the handrail . By editing and gently guiding the strands I was able to bring some order to the apparent disorder. Now by no means do I mean to say that I tamed nature. I am merely removed what I ‘think’ isn’t adding to the overall form and growth of the vine.

Equally – earlier this week I went through all my materials and pieces in my new studio to see what was worth saving and what needed to be cast away. I edited, moulded and discarded where necessary.

Sooooo, like my vine, I’m hoping to relish in the opportunities of this balmy Melbourne spring and grow in new and interesting ways.

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