Couldn’t believe my eyes as I was driving home this afternoon! There on the nature strip a few doors down from my house, an overhead projector had been put out on hard rubbish. Only several days before a Facebook friend had mentioned he was looking for one and I thought to myself how helpful it could be. The idea had been put on my radar quite some months prior by another friend who has spent many years in art and design fields. So there it was put in front of me free for the taking – so I took!

What this lead me to think about was how sometimes in life, things are just put in front of you (or three doors down the road..). I guess the key is in recognising it. If you are too pre-occupied with the minutiae of day to day life, which we all can be a lot of the time, then it can be hard to see the gifts that are provided by the universe, or whatever deity/non-deity you choose to nominate. I am grateful for many things in my life – pretty pink roses in my garden, perfect coffee made for me as I arrive at work, a foot massage after a long day working on my feet. 

I recognise these gifts and am delighted in them.

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