Oh what a beautiful day

Last week, I indulged my newly healthy again self and took myself to the National Gallery of Victoria. After tramming it up St. Kilda Rd and alighting at the appropriate stop I halted to take it all in – the schoolkids, the out of town tourists, the chinese guy busking and the little kids discovering the water wall at the entrance for the first time.

Straight through the main foyer I walked then paused looking up at the kaleidoscope of stained glass and out through the rear doors into the secret garden that many people don’t know even exists.I  remember once being taken there as a kid on a school excursion and although the surrounding building have crept up, it still provides an elusive peace in the centre of the chaotic city. If you’ve never been, I suggest you go.

After my artistic wanders, I wandered up to Hosier Lane for a fresher take on art – the plethora of graffitti that constantly turns over. From here, it’s a natural stumble into Mo Vida for a glass of rosado and anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet. Throw in crispy fried pig’s tail with green mole  and beef cheeks braised in pedro ximenez with cauliflower puree and another glass of that delicous dry spanish pink wine and I’m one happy camper.

Oh what a beautiful day!

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