I’m grateful for the simple things

I am grateful for the simple things in my life.

The other day for lunch I made sliced tomatoes on toast. Simple and simply delicious. On locally made organic sourdough toast, I placed thickly sliced softly ripe tomatoes and some peppery basil just picked from my garden. Freshly cracked white pepper and salt crystals finished it off nicely. Truly yum!

It looked pretty and tasted pretty delicious.

I remember, during my childhood, my dad enjoying a similar breakfast at times (albeit without the home grown basil). It’s funny the things that stick in your mind. I also remember the tinny sound of the clock radio on top of the fridge broadcasting the horse racing programs on a Saturday morning. I remember my surprise when I learnt that trams have the ability to go around corners – I’d only ever seen them go in straight lines. I also remember that comforting feeling of their always being somebody around. In a house where I was the youngest of four children, it was a warm fuzzy feeling having someone always there.

I’m grateful for my childhood – no complaints or blaming here thank you very much.
I’m grateful for good friends and family that enrich my life.
I’m grateful for happy, healthy children.
I’m grateful for restful,restorative sleep.
I’m grateful for the many opportunities life offers me.
I’m grateful to live a comfortable life.

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