I whole-heatedly reject the notion that procrastination is a bad thing.

I was trying to explain to someone the other day how my creative life is full of a large portion of things that most people wouldn’t associate with the creative process. I read, I journal, I go to art galleries, I eat out, I watch movies, I watch people, I daydream, I source different materials that I might like to work with. I talk with people. 

Basically I try to live with my eyes and my mind open to allow all sorts of ideas and stimulus to seep in . 

This is not procrastinating or avoiding the actual application of paint on canvas. I believe it to be the pre-thought stage of my art. If there’s no experiences to draw on and chew over in my mind, then I have no base building blocks with which to work. 

Ergo, the natural conclusion to this is that next time you see me with a crisp white wine reclining on the day bed you’ll know that i’m actually working hard…… 😉

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