Life is very very good.

So I know that I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been taking it really easy just eating and drinking and sleeping in and a spot of shopping the sales with my daughters – so yeah, all the good stuff in life.

My partner and I have a list of all the places we want to visit to eat or drink or other. He’s new to Melbourne so we are enjoying our time exploring the city – him for the first time and me anew. I’m sure you all recall the “personalised tour” post….. I am actually a big fan of our special Melbourne weather. It also helps that I’m a jacket aficionado…(in joke there about our famous four seasons in one day Melbourne weather).

I generally have worked in hospitality and sales all my life so I’m not really used to having time off at this time of year. However, I could get used to it. When the biggest decision in your day is whether or not to have a nap, you know that life is good. As I sit here on a gorgeous sunny afternoon, having walked this morning and achieved enough housework to alleviate any guilt I can sip my chilled white wine knowing that I can either pick up my book or nod off for a while. 

Life is not only good. Life is very very good.

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