Currently I’m being forced to rest up whilst recovering from being a tad unwell. Now this does give me a great chance to plan “Mandypalooza” – my birthday festival. I can’t take credit for the fabulous title – my delightful partner was the brains behind that one. In fact, he’s already done some excellent scheming bringing plans together and I’m very chuffed about that.

I’m thinking coffee out with friends, manicure, pedicure, lunch out, take away in front of movies, pre-dinner cocktails, lavish romantic dinner….and more.

Someone even suggested that one’s birthday festival should last as many days as one is old. Whilst I’m not going to that extreme, I am having at least 16 days of Mandypalooza.

The first step was to take two weeks off work, having already worked extra shifts over Christmas/New Year period the finances would be okay. That way I will have plenty of time to fit all my Mandypalooza activities in. Planning is integral so as not to double book – making sure I allow plenty of time for sleeping in and naps of course.

So anyways… Mandypalooza starts… NOW!

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