Day 2 Harajuku

Sunday March 30th 2014 1.15pm

We are in the Harajuku area and I’m having a strong hot sweet oolong tea with a little snack – crustless white bread sandwiches filled with mock cream and fruit (strawberries or kiwi). Perfectly restorative after a rainy morning walking.

There was a huge winding queue of maybe 200 people waiting patiently in the steady rain for “Chicago caramel popcorn” – yeah,nah I’m not that desperate to try it. The smell was quite mesmerizing though and I do understand that the Tokyo-ites love a new bright shiny thing.

We are wandering around a really groovy little area of alleyways crammed with hipster (japster?), American vintage, sparse designer, cutesy ‘little girl’ look, groovy shoe stores. Really cool place and luckily…we fit right in!
Steve saw some cool union jack Dr. Martens shoes that he’s still deciding whether or not to buy. I like ‘em and am going to offer to buy then for his birthday for him {they ended up not having his ‘massive’ gaijin size}. I bought a cream based floral lace up pair. Comfy, dry and a cross between hipster and Japanese = japster!

We’ve been really lucky with meeting English speakers everywhere we’ve been. It’s actually driven it home to us how egocentric we are. We’ve vowed to learn more phrases when we travel to a non-English speaking country. 

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