new bio and artist statement

Artist Biography – Amanda Kennedy
Amanda Kennedy is an emerging visual artist who primarily paints on canvas. Growing up with art being highly encouraged, it was through school life drawing classes that she fell in love with the vitality of the human body. After throwing herself into her art career only recently, she has participated in some group exhibitions around Melbourne and more recently had a solo show at Montsalvat in Eltham. Her split life between outer suburbia and inner city Melbourne stimulates her to expand her artistic wings further; of late this includes delving into watercolours, oils and soft sculpture.

I have a genuine visceral need to create, to paint, to play. I can’t not do it. Life is always better when I don’t fight this need.
I paint human bodies. We’ve all got one and they are all different. They vary from day to day even for one person. This diversity is part of why I imagine I’ll never tire of the subject matter.
I’m attracted to strong images .I often don’t know quite where I’m going when I start a piece. All I know is that there is a strong image that demands my attention.  If it happens that I disturb the viewer then I’m okay with that.

My pieces are representative of the vital energies and passions that I see in each human body

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