my Pozible progress

Well I’m just over a third of the way to my goal with my Pozible project and the steps seem to keep falling into place. I’m grateful to those who have pledged support. Thank you so very much!

Whilst I only have a handful of stockists currently, I’m starting to cast the net wider each day. I am always carrying samples on me and it’s lovely the way things lead from one thing to another. 

I also now have plans to print an adorable antique cutlery set on white cotton napkins. They look really sweet.

I’m also learning so much more about computers and social media each day. I’m grateful for the knowledgeable friends who are happy to lend an ear or proffer some advice.
Thanks and this ride ain’t over yet.

To those, who would like to support even in the smallest of ways, any pledge no matter how small will help this dream become a reality. Crowd- funding projects like Pozible really do rely on people “putting their money where their mouth is”. Rest assured, I take each pledge with so much gratitude. I sincerely thank all of you.

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