The last few months, I’ve been having some vivid wild dreams. These have provided me fertile fodder for some experimental art pieces.
There’s something pretty cool and in equal parts frustrating creating art from the fading memory of a dream. It’s like trying to pick she’ll out of the egg you’ve just cracked. Slippery, often elusive, no matter how simple it might seem.
I’ve had some successes, more failures but lots of learning along the way – hopefully. My dreams provide captivating visuals, emotions and concepts but are very lean on the practicalities.
Occasionally, they even feature a pale redhead with nipples on her upper arms…

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I often go for ages without dreaming, but lately have had some weird shit going on when my eyes are closed LOL
    I might even need to start a dream journal again, by the bed, to scribble/sketch things on waking – do you do that too?


  2. I just love crazy dreams. I try and talk about them as soon as I wake to capture the fleeting images then write them down once my eyes have opened properly. They definitely have provided ideas for my creative side. If I wake slowly I like to linger in that half awake/half asleep state. It's such a delicious place to let your mind wander.


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