Musings on my first formal education class in over 20 years

Frustration and a small degree of amusement that I couldn’t get into my Mac to work. I opened it up and didn’t even know where the power switch was located. Eventually I found the close screen button in the corner. Scrolling up and down the page with two fingers was shown to me at the end of the session. Could’ve used that earlier.  The lad sitting along from me fielded my simple questions with no hint of annoyance.

“Why do you keep putting the windows at full screen ?” he asks.

 “So I can see what I’m writing” I say.

For not the first time that morning, I think maybe I should go get my eyes tested during the week.

I don’t exactly need hand-holding but it would have been helpful if the admin had spelled out precisely what format the password needed to be in to be accepted. Computers tend to be fairly black and white. They like their 1’s and 0’s in the absolute correct order.

So I’m in and I’m hoping to have a browse around this thing at my leisure. Although the machines must remain at school (and I signed a declaration to such effect) I think next week after class I’ll hang in the library and do my homework. Both me and the slim silver Mac need to get to know each other.

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