The Middle Third

I recently entered a competition to develop a podcast. I bought a microphone and all. This was part of my submission. The working title is called ‘The Middle Third’

The middle third

When you’re supposed to be on your path already –
When you’re supposed to know if you like Thai food or not-
When you’re supposed to know how to change a flat tyre-
I’m in the middle third of my life, most likely. I have been to University; I have held full time jobs, even progressed up the ladder within a company.
I remember being at high school and during that one-on-one with the careers counsellor saying that I never really want a career. I just want to earn enough to do what I want to do.
Thirty years on, I guess that’s where I am. I do what I want to do. I’ve worked hard to get where I am financially and now I’m more or less doing what I want.
It has been said that on any given project, the first third goes by pretty quickly and easily due to enthusiasm and excitement. The last third is motivated by seeing the end in sight. It’s the middle third where people have a look around. 
This is my middle third.
Story ideas
I don’t live your  ’up at 7am, at work by 9am, knock off at 5pm’ work life but it doesn’t make me any less of a productive part of society. Not out of bed til 10am, I write, I make art, I read.
I’ve been seduced by seaweed at times. Scrap booking for times gone by. Amateur scientists, average Joe experimenting with science, research, collating of specimens. Collecting in a socially acceptable manner but not perceived as hard science, but with an aesthetic value
How artists see the world differently? Colours, movement (interview photographer Uri, Alexander Horowitz book,) kinaesthesia
Ghosts – more than just us here – dreaming of my ex father in law short story. My view of the world. GOD= combined spirits.
Rabid feminist as I wonder if things are getting better for women. The feminist icons I read are ageing. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gloria Steinem. Are there new women to take the reins?
Different roles/demands of marriage/parenthood. Diane Goldie.
My friends are leaving their male partners, for themselves not other men. To explore their desires not even sexual but mental, emotional needs. To study, to travel, to read, to do nothing, to meditate, to lead a healthier more balanced lifestyle. What’s the future of relationships? What’s their expiry date?
Friendship – how it changes. Forgiveness and understanding that we can approach things differently and that’s ok. Needs nurturing but not suffocating. They take on a different aspect when one has an intimate partner. More diversity in friends as I’ve aged – wider ages and backgrounds, differing occupations but fundamentally shared core values. Reconnection from the past. Face time over Facebook.
How far can you dismantle a marriage/partnership til it no longer is a marriage? Open relationships? Long term apart r/ships. Living side by side I think might be my ideal. Time alone to pursue painting, writing and thinking space but also time to miss you.  This idea tickles me pink. Honestly I can see positives in this. Surely there are worse things in this world.

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