Why study and making sourdough bread go hand in hand?

Why study and making sourdough bread go hand in hand?

The physical nature of writing should never be under-rated. We may no longer be scribes sitting in cold medieval rooms lit only by candles but hunched over a computer reading sources, or drafting and re-drafting a piece till it shines. Writing is a physical activity. Beware carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched neck muscles and red, dry eyes. Myotherapists are my new friends.

Fear not! I have the solution for you – home made sourdough bread. What’s this? you ask. Well, I can spruik its features and benefits because I am a recent convert. After having made a few batches of sourdough bread over the last few weeks whilst concurrently studying a couple of summer school intensive subjects, I can positively say that these two are symbiotic.

I’m not used to sitting down for extended periods of time. My work life in the past has been on my feet. Now I do place the laptop on the kitchen bench and type standing up but I’ve got an even better modus operandi. Making sourdough bread. 

My recipe requires than I give it a light knead every half hour. That is the perfect interval to break up my study. My hands and my brain need rest in order to fully realise the ideas contained within. Sourdough bread needs rest and stretching to fully realise its texture and flavour.

If you are interested in the recipe follow the link. I can give you some starter or you can make your own if you’ve got another 5 days, which I did. That’s fun to do anyway. My advice is to start with a basic white loaf before attempting anything tricky like spelt or rye. I think I should have taken that advice and started with only one intensive subject – oh well. Too late now.

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