Monday May 1st 2017

Monday May 1st


Technically my day started at 1.16am when I gave up sleeping in the same bed as Steve. Gradually, his snoring stirs the whirlpool of anger deep inside me until I envision me smothering him with my 100% goose down pillow. Instead, I snatched my doona and pillow from my side of the bed and went to join the cat on the couch. At least she doesn’t snore.


At 7am, my youngest daughter Isabel stomped up the stairs to the kitchen to make her lunch. Surprising her with ‘Good morning’ from the other side of the couch cushions, she then asked for a lift to the station, which I agreed to since my slumber appeared to be cut short for now. I managed to keep my eyes open wide enough for safe driving and promptly collapsed into the now vacant bed upon returning home.


After a few more stolen hours, I dragged myself a little more willingly from the oasis and fixed a strong cup of tea – white, no sugar cause I’m sweet enough – as a foundation stone for my day. The pantry produced the last hot cross bun of the season, which I toasted and liberally buttered while I sat at the kitchen bench and read emails, checked Facebook and looked at my week’s calendar on my ipad. With only the cats to keep me company, the morning was shaping up ok.


Breakfast done and the obligatory short yoga routine completed, I dressed and gathered my bits for school. Leaving later than I had hoped, I rode the shorter yet more difficult route to Uni and arrived puffing and sweaty. An hour or more was then spent revising missed lessons. At 1.30pm with another cup of tea, I joined the afternoon class to learn all about making a WordPress website. This was actually very interesting and I started expanding on my own WordPress site during the session and know now where I want to take it.


Finishing up slightly early was great as I was able to do some homework when I got home. Organised me had made dinner (the ever-popular lasagne) the day prior as Mondays and Tuesdays are always somewhat chaotic in our household. At about 7.30pm I headed out to Buff Life Drawing at the Union Club Hotel. I hadn’t been for too many weeks and I wanted to get back into the habit, especially as I’ve been asked to model there in a few weeks.


A pint of ale in hand, I set up my watercolours and paper on a bar table and was looking forward to the session. Life drawing sessions are like going for an artistic jog. They use the muscles – both the hand and the eye. It’s practise rather than outcome. Sometimes you get something good and sometimes you don’t. Poses move from 1-2 minutes, 5 minutes then 10 and 20 minutes duration. I’m best at 10 minute poses. 20 minute poses see me over-thinking and over-working pieces. I’m learning not to be pressured to keep at my 20 minute pieces but rather leave them be at the place I think best.


It was a good turn out (about 15 people) and I’m hoping my modelling session will involve a similar number. Modelling for just a few might feel awkward.

I messaged Craig to let him know I’ve got my first gig and he was most supportive. Not sure if he’ll turn up to draw. It’s only fair, I’ve seen him naked enough times.


Upon coming home, I dumped my bags on the kitchen table and, turning off extraneous lights as I passed, undressed and climbed into bed. Phone plugged in and alarm set, my Coco cat found her spot on my chest and we both closed our eyes on the day.


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