Something’s Gotta Give



Climate Change

When I was a young teenager I used to fear a resurgence of Nazi society. I would think through possible scenarios of survival. It would involve riding off into the forest with the requisite camping supplies. Exact details of how to evade the invading forces and long-term survival methods were not planned out necessarily. These were the days before zombie apocalypse themes were popular.

But now I wonder what the end of days will look like these days?  Is it similar to the world Anne Frank saw from her hidden rooms in 1943? Is it what the people in Australian Immigration Detention facilities see through the barbed wire? Does it look like the world today? How do we recognise it?

How do we recognise it?

Famine in Sudan, ISIS, Syrian wars,

What can I do in my daily life? Do I sponsor a child in a foreign country? I am a rabid recycler and a frugal consumer of energy and water. Climate change seems inevitable and I do wonder what effect my small efforts make. I know businesses and government have the possibility to make a much greater impact than I do but it’s difficult for me to influence their actions. Yes, I put my vote where I believe it has the most positive impact and I try to spend my money in a socially responsible manner.

Compassion fatigue is real. Balancing fear for the future and confusion of where to put my energies is something that I know I’m not the only who suffers from.

I have no answers to my many questions.

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