The Big Idea

Our school puts on a great little event called Word Con at the end of each semester. We get to listen to a range of presenters on a range of topics, most of which are of interest. Rob Griffith presented on a session on ‘THE BIG IDEA.’ Now I wouldn’t say that I have a big burning idea. That’s ok. Big ideas sometimes come to us when we least expect them, during what I like to call my pre-thought stage that other people call daydreaming.

So meanwhile, I will continue to work on the ideas I do have. I’ve simplified my tag line for the podcast – stories from The Middle Third of life. I’m sorting out questions for a couple of people I want to interview. The Middle Third is still going to be predominantly focused on female stories as an attempt to redress the gender inequality in society in general.

I haven’t figured how to work the microphone I have with my iPad yet but I’ll figure that out. I’m planning on interviewing my best friend initially as way to ease my way into these things. She also happens to have a really spot-on story that fits with the theme of The Middle Third. She re-trained as a lawyer after the birth of her second child.

After that I am going to interview a woman I collaborated with a few years ago on an exciting project. Sensual Seed oracle cards brought together four women to birth a project aimed at encouraging women to celebrate them as sensual beings. These new directions and new experiences are precisely the kinds of stories I want to tell.

When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate by any stretch how flexible life experiences could be. I never had any burning ambition to have a particular career and it felt like a deficit. I forgave myself this a long time ago.

Now I’m in my middle third, I’m enjoying looking around and learning new things.


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