Top ten food podcasts worth your time

Top ten food podcasts worth your time

1. The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry – Lee Tran Lam interviews chefs, bartenders and more about their experiences – good and bad – in the food industry.

2. Gravy – Produced by the Southern Foodways Alliance, this podcast showcases food stories from America’s south.

3. Eat Your Words — Recorded live in Brooklyn, Eat Your Words’ host Cathy Erway navigates the world of food through its literature.

4. Good Food – Though Los Angeles focussed, Evan Kleiman does a great job bridging the local with the global.

5. The Sporkful – Dan Pashman’s tagline – ‘The Sporkful isn’t for foodies; it’s for eaters’ – says it all. Whether debating if a hot dog is a sandwich, or if tomatoes should be stored in the fridge (no, obviously), Dan does so with humour and insight.

6. The Racist Sandwich – An intersectional look at food through the lenses of class, gender, race and politics.

7. Ingredipedia – Ben Birchall and Emily Naismith tackle one ingredient per episode over three rounds in a bid to sway listeners’ votes.

8. Gastropod – If you like your food podcasts with a generous helping of history and science, then this is one for you.

9. The Pass – If you want an insider’s take on Australian restaurants served with honesty and wit, The Pass is top of the list.

10. Radio Cherry Bombe – Interviews with some of the most exciting women working in food and hospitality in America to inform and entertain.

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