Six Anchovies Worth Your Time

Six Anchovies Worth Your TimeWhen we talk about anchovies, we are actually talking about over 140 different species of fish from temperate waters. To get to a product you would recognise they are headed and gutted, then salted and weighed down for a minimum of six months. Once packed, they find their way to our grocery shelves. So, we’ve done the taste testing for you and here’s a rundown of 6 of the best anchovy products for your kitchen.Rizzoli Anchovies in Spicy Sauce – 90g $8.95Employing the traditional techniques of hand filleting and aging the fish packed in salt in wooden barrels, these anchovies weigh in at the mid-range of our tested products. The lucky gnomes on the gold tin are meant to bring good luck, health and longevity. What they definitely bring is a tasty little snack. Pop these guys on some crackers, making sure not to waste any of that zingy sauce and what you will have is one very happy Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil – 110g $19.95Okay, Ortiz is the one you bring out when you want to impress so make sure you open the package in front of your guests so they clock the name. From a small village in Northern Spain, these anchovies have become the go-to choice of many a chef. Consistently high quality with a buttery texture and clean, earthy flavour, these are best served with little adornment. Go full banderillas and skewer a toothpick with green olive, anchovy and roasted red pepper alternatively. This salty, nutty heaven on a literal stick deserves a sparkling white wine or Materials White Anchovies – 200g $11.50These plump anchovies are anchovies but not as you know them. Hand-filleted then marinated in olive oil and vinegar, their delicate, light flavour is ensured by their constant refrigeration. This is best bet for a Caesar salad. Better still, toast some sliced baguette slather it with crème fraiche, sprinkle some dill tips and choose a fat white anchovy to lay on Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil – 50g $4.95Sold in small jars up to kilogram-sized tins, this is the style of anchovy you’ll find in many a pantry. These small but meaty ribbons of flesh are tightly packed in oil. These slippery little suckers are the perfect pizza anchovy and make sure you drizzle that leftover oil generously around the Azzurro Mediterranean Anchovies in Sunflower Oil – 170g $4.75This anchovy is proof that you can’t judge an anchovy by its price tag. Cheapest of the tested products, this big guy earns its place. It is presented with the skin on and closer to sardines than what most people assume are anchovies. Chop roughly then toss through some pasta with handfuls of fresh, sweet tomatoes and extra parsley. the winner is –Conservas Cuca Anchovies in Oil 48g $5.95Frank Camorra, MoVida’s executive chef and driving force, was serving tins of anchovies in his award-wining restaurants long before Australia had any understanding of high quality tinned seafood. It was Camorra who spear-headed the push to import them on a commercial scale in 2007.Committed to responsible, sustainable fishing practices, Conservas Cuca, based in Rias Biaxis export a range of seafood and fish. Off the north-west coast of Spain, the catch is delivered to small, family-run canneries, where rows of women hand-fillet and pack the prime quality produce at the peak of their season.Little more than sturdy bread and a fork is required to make a meal of these imported fish. The fish have a clear, briny taste which would pair perfectly with a glass of not-too-cold, white wine – an Albariño would be perfect. Conservas Cuca are available in many independent grocers and food providores throughout

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