Day 3 Tokyo journey

Monday 31st March 2014

Today was lovely and sunny – much better than yesterday’s constant drizzle. After a light breakfast, as opposed to the pig-out of the previous day, we wandered down towards the station. We printed out the journey planner information ticket (please note this very handy function Melbourne public transport people). We spent the next 10 minutes walking to try and find the correct platform for our train that was departing in 9 minutes….

Coming across an information desk a lovely young lady {immaculately attired as usual} pointed us in the correct direction. The underground metro system is quite warm so with all that walking we were positively glowing – read sweating whilst the locals looked cool as daikons. I’m thinking us Westerners sweat a lot more than the Japanese.

I was breaking in my new shoes today and I reckon I did alright. No blisters per say; more a warming of a tender heel. 

Tonight we have a private walking tour of the Shinjuku area known as the Golden Gai. Dinner is at a restaurant where we apparently catch your own fish. I say apparently as I’m not sure Steve nor I are natural fisherpeople.

Last night, we walked down to an area colloquially known as “Piss Alley”. Starting with a drink or three at the Albatross Bar, we then had chicken bits (liver/mince balls, ribs, cartilage and connective tissue) all grilled on sticks and a bowl of pork stomach bits in a cloudy broth = YUM! SUPER YUM! Dessert was gleaned from the plethora of vending machines found along every street and in our hotel lobby even.

After dinner we walked home through the girly bar area of Kabuchiko. We only got hassled by Nigerian touts once. Steve takes me to all the classy spots.