Next big thing

This last weekend I was fortunate to share in a delightful reunion of our mothers group that was first formed over 16 years ago. What follows below is my response to a conversation that inspired after a vino or three. We were discussing how supported we all felt when we had our wee ones and would bring any issues to our mothers’ group. Our eldest kids are now 16 years of age but that kind of supportive environment is never redundant. 

Most of us are blessed to be in a position to explore new directions right now. It transpired though that being somewhat accountable could help push us along to reach new goals.

So we have given ourselves six months to achieve our personal, self-set goals.

Below is what I have submitted. 


to explore mediums other than painting acrylics on canvas
to explore ‘vessel’ – the term, what it looks like, feels like etc


I know it’s vague but, for me, that’s how I roll artistically/creatively. When I start I only have an indistinct idea. I’ve tried starting with clearer thoughts of the end product but it only constricts me, doesn’t allow me free reign and I pretty much always end up dispirited and disappointed. 
I need freedom to play, to explore… to be wrong.

Practical steps
I’m planning to partake in open pottery sessions at my local Living and Learning centre 
I’m re-visiting my love of crochet – some pieces will be stiffened with the use of a simple sugar syrup (combining my foodie bent?)
I’m planning to play with paper-mache and see where that takes me.


I had a dream that I created milky porcelain vessels, held in both hands they were supped from.
They were almost breast shaped (doesn’t take a genius to see connection there) though slightly almond, tear-drop shaped also. 

Anyway – that’s my two-cents worth.

I’m planning on collating everyone’s ideas/plans and sharing them amongst us all as I don’t wish to be the keeper of information but rather a co-facilitator. We shall all hold each others’ ideas amongst us as a group.Many years ago we nurtured each others’ children. Now we can nurture each others’ ideas. What beautiful symmetry!

art darts

I’d like to tell you a story….

I felt that I was stalling a few weeks ago. Was it some metaphysical block that I wasn’t even aware of? I phoned a friend..we talked and she ran me through a few scenarios..trying to lead me to what she felt was super obvious. It’s time I took the next step art-wise and get serious about earning income from my work. She suggested to me that I ask the universe for a very clear sign as to what my next move should be that would help me financially. So I did as she posited and that evening when I went online and typed in ‘art awards melbourne’ the first item in the search result was ‘Kennedy Art Prize’. OMG! If that was not an incredibly clear sign, then I’m a monkey’s uncle…

That was a few weeks ago and I’m furiously submitting here, there and everywhere. I call it throwing art darts. It feels like throwing a dart out there into the big bad art world. Who knows what it might hit…

I’m excited, exhausted and at times over-whelmed.
I’m in the process of submitting my work for all sorts of gallery exhibitions and art awards. I’m learning a lot I.T. wise and getting all professional about myself as an artist. I’m not looking to make myself rich but it would be nice to earn more than I spend on materials. 

I’ll post any developments here as well as on my Facebook art page. Please support these galleries/institutions as that’s how the circle of art/life survives.

I do have a spot in a group show entitled ‘Nude’ 17th October -8th November 2014 at the Beth Hulme Gallery in Fitzroy North.

I’ll remind you all closer to the time. In the meanwhile, keep up the good work, peeps!

Calling In Support

I may be headstrong (some say stubborn but I prefer to reframe in the positive) and viciously independent at times but I’m getting better at recognising how important it is to call in support when you need it. I don’t think it really matters whether it is family or friends or an online connection in a land far,far away that you summon. Does it matter? I don’t think so…

I guess it depends what kind of support you need. That’d be the second hurdle (the first being knowing you require support) – figuring out what form your support is required. Is it physically being there to ferry kids hither and tither that is so often part and parcel of this time of year? Is it being on the other end of a phone line or keyboard to make the appropriate comments at the appropriate time (A-hah,yeah,sure,absolutely, dump him!) Is it to monetarily contribute to a friend’s Pozible space camp fund? Is it to pose those questions you don’t ask of yourself?

I have a good friend who does this. It can, at times, make people uncomfortable in their very seat. I have wondered if there is a degree of Asperger’s there – being unable to read people’s reactions, emotions and facial expressions. Still, it works for me. It pulls me out of mainstream expectations and actively seek what’s right for me.

I often only need someone to listen if I have a demanding day, though I won’t knock back a foot rub and a glass of wine handed to me. My point is that I am getting so much better at asking for help. Not sure if it’s an age thing, but I currently have little reservation in seeking what help I need and fortuitously now there are people in my life that are coming to the party. 

So, if I ask help, I want you to know that it was a journey getting here and I really appreciate it if you’re able to contribute. If you’re not, I’m completely okay with that too. I have a view of the world that people do what they can when they can and that’s okay.