What would my “natural” sleep order look like?

I love an afternoon nap. I actually think that it benefits me. Others do coffee, read, play virtual games. I like to sleep. No, I didn’t use the word nap though I do like to nap too.

Nap vs sleep
Less vs more
Keeps things at bay vs restorative
Nanna vs hedonistic
Daydream vs dream
Cheeky vs carefree
Anyways – I think if I didn’t have external constraints such as children and work I’d sleep at least 2 hours every afternoon anytime from 3pm onwards. Even if I’m able to commitment wise,  I often don’t cause I’m worried about it being too late and how it will affect my slumber that evening. Of course, this leads on to thoughts of what would my daily patterns be if my work was flexible and I didn’t have to factor in my children.

I don’t think I’d wake til 9.30/10 am. I like then to have a walk and run errands in the morning then graze my way through to the afternoon with a vino or two, some reading, some arting then naturally time for a nap before pottering around to do dinner. After dinner I’d socialize or get down and dirty art-wise til maybe 11pm then shower and time for bed. Sounds good to me!

Of course, work and kids and other people don’t necessarily follow this schedule – ah,well..

Transplanting myself into another place wouldn’t work as I’d be too busy exploring it to settle into such a schedule. This is not a question easily answered but that’s okay.
Below is an interesting link. I particularly relate to ‘late sleeper’ prejudice. This website is very interesting in general. Lots of ideas to mull over. Have a look if you have time.