Oil paintings

‘Teardrops In My Eyes’ 76cm x 91cm
Pink nude on stool
‘Her name was Violet’ 102cm x 102cm
‘Dayle’ 50cm x 50cm
‘Hey there Polly’ 70cm x 90cm oil on canvas
‘Bluebell’ 102cm x 102cm
SOLD – oil on paper
Hand Raised In oil on linen canvas canvas 60cm x 45cm
‘Forrest’ 50cm x 50cm
‘Blue red floral’ 40cm x 50cm oil and acrylic on canvas
‘She moves’ 90cm x 120cm
‘Kiss me red’ 102cm x 102cm
‘Underwater kissing’ 76cm x 76cm
‘Green orange chaos’ 50cm x 40cm oil and acrylic on canvas
‘Green me up’ 40cm x 50cm oil and acrylic on canvas
'Up the stairs' oil on masonite
‘Up the stairs’ 70cm x 90cm Oil and acrylic on masonite
‘Not blue down here’ oil on canvas 76cm x 76cm
‘Connection two’ oil on canvas 90cm x 60cm
red shoes image
SOLD ‘Two Red Shoes’ 76cm x 76cm