Naturally what I want to listen to depends on the mood I’m in and how much time I have.

Short and sweet
I don’t always have an hour to get deep into a subject so these short 20-25 minutes episodes are an ideal ‘lighter meal option’.

Reply All
These guys help us older folks decipher the internet and its quirks
The Sporkful
‘It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters’ I whole-heartedly approve of Dan
Pashman’s attitude to food and food culture.

A bit more serious but good for showing me how little I know about the wider world

On The Media
I came to this show during one of my Summer school intensive subjects and realized how little I knew about some things. I’d given up on news some years ago and stayed away for good reason but this has lured me back in a method I’ve figured out I quite like. I can walk, ride or drive and still participate in the world. This probably sums up the over-arching reason I am attracted to podcasts

Radio Lab
As above only with a more science bent.

99% Invisible
Seriously this guy has the most ‘take me to bed and just talk to me’ voice. And I love their motto – “Always read the plaque”

When I want a laugh and learn something at the same time

Answer Me This
Okay, these guys can have annoying voices to some people I’ve discovered. Just not to me. I like that they’re British as opposed to the American accents I often hear on podcasts.

The Guilty Feminist
Funny, insightful and illuminating. It makes me take a second look at many things in my life – all in all that is not a bad thing.
The Allusionist
Love her voice and her obvious fondness for the English language in equal measures.
And where it all began for me

Being Honest With My Ex
I like these guys. Yeah Peter can be annoying at times but his brutal honesty is actually refreshing and SJ’s raw exposure of herself can draw tears (mostly her’s). I like their concept (self-evident in the title really) as well as the execution.
There are so many platforms to get your podcasts. The hyper-links here lead to their websites. On my phone, I’ve got the app Podbean which has always serviced me well.
I am in the process of setting up my own podcast. This year will hopefully see greater leaps and bounds on the front for me. The Middle Third check out its early steps at the link. Please message me or leave feedback. I’d really appreciate it.
I’m starting on the whole iTunes thing now that I’ve stepped into the dark side – Apple products. New programs to learn, new equipment required to be purchased no doubt.

Onwards and upwards people!