I entered my first writing competition

While I found the assessments for this subject a dense workload in an intensive format and also somewhat repetitive, I got an unexpected result out of taking this subject. I’ve seen writing competitions advertised and sometimes they don’t apply to my writing, but more often I just didn’t know where to start. It’s not that I felt my writing wasn’t up to scratch. It’s more that I didn’t know where to start talking about my writing. Like most things, you start by taking the first step.

For this particular competition, I needed to write a one page synopsis, a breakdown of subsequent chapters and a piece stating how winning the prize would benefit my writing career.

A one page synopsis? Bloody hell, I’ve only recently been able to construct one sentence about what I’m writing. “Eating America is an outsider’s look at the USA and its culture through the lens of food.” To flesh out the synopsis, I started with the who, what, where and why. Okay, done.

The chapter breakdown? Yep, I know where I’m going with that because it’s where we went in 2016. I name cities we visited, experiences we had and food we ate. In terms of the smaller story within the bigger story, I’m still getting there.

The third and final section regarding how winning the prize would further my career, I’ve got ideas on that too. I can honestly say that while the $10,000 cash prize would help, it is the 12-month mentorship with an editor from Hachette Australia that I imagine would be the most beneficial. Because that’s why I’m studying this course – to improve my writing.