Long live long-form

Our school puts on a great little event called Word Con at the end of each semester. We get to listen to a range of presenters on a range of topics, most of which are of interest. Monday’s first session was an interview by Robyn Dorian with Andrew Mast of ‘themusic.com.au’ and its print version. Apart from getting me thinking about what constitutes a magazine and some reminiscing of the second-hand record store I used to hang out in as a teenager, I found Andrew great fun to listen to.

Andrew had a lot to say about monetizing the website, metrics the website generates as well as the fact that although they started out as an independent, the music is now viewed as somewhat mainstream. Not being much into music myself (blasphemous, I know) I was heartened to see the website devotes space to other tangents such as art, film, culture and comedy.

Long-form articles are also gaining ground – great news for those writers in the audience. I’ve been hearing a bit of this recently. There are apps that aggregate long-form articles for reading at one’s leisure. The irony there is that I much prefer to read things of length not online but by holding a paper product in my hot little hands. Oh,well.