I love my local day spa.

 It’s so close and they provide you with a glass of wine. They have the cutest cat whose name is Coco…ok..ok..it’s my house.

Last week I had thought that as a part of Mandypalooza I would indulge myself with a manicure, pedicure, facial etc. Well..let’s just say that the extended heatwave certainly sorted the sauna bit of the day spa experience.
I gave myself a manicure easy enough finishing with a rather fetching shade of purple polish. Pedicures require longer arms or greater flexibility than possibly I have though……

Hair colour – I’ve done this plenty of times. It’s relatively easy and waaaay cheaper (my particular brand of choice is only $10 from Kmart).  I even have no issue trimming my hair which is easy enough on long straight hair. Whilst my hair colour was brewing – time for a facial mask.

You might be surprised of what beauty products you find if you open your cupboards. All you need is time, which I had as part of Mandypalooza and the two weeks I took off work.

I’m certainly not against indulgences with beauty professionals and I’m sure they use good quality products. In fact, I love receiving vouchers for such services. My point is , you might be surprised at how many appropriate products you have in your cupboards already. Bring them out and plan your own day spa. If needed, you can buy quite good quality stuff from your local shops, even your supermarket or chemist these days.

Spend your money in the way you choose – professional or personal indulgence – just indulge and enjoy – it’s Mandypalooza afterall….

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